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Financial Aid For Single Parents Today

Single parents are one of the largest demographics of adults who are returning to school. They do this to get a degree to secure a higher paying position that will better provide for their family. However, the strain of being a single parent and the financial problems that many single parents face makes it difficult for them to attend and finish a higher education program. Luckily, many programs offer financial aid for single parents, to allow them to attend the school of their choice and get their preferred degree without causing additional strain on their financial situation.

Federal And Local Grants

One means of financial aid for single parents who wish to return to school are federal and local grants. These are often the most sought after and cherished financial aid measures, because a grant does not ever have to be paid back. The Federal Pell Grant, for instance, offers up to $5350 per year for individuals who will be enrolled full-time in school. Single parents qualify for the maximum amount more often than others though, because their income is often outweighed by the cost of caring for dependent children.

In addition to the Pell Grant, there are also local and school-related grants which are offered to single parents and those who are less fortunate as well. These grants may have further stipulations, including maintaining a certain grade point average, having an income that falls into particular parameters, or even being within a certain age range. Regardless, there are a wide variety of additional grants that can be found to help offset your educational costs. Asking about such grants at your financial aid office will allow you to get the required information on any available programs.

Federal And Private School Loans

Another common type of financial aid for single parents, which can be used to return to school is Federal Student Loans and privately given school loans as well. Almost everyone regardless of credit is qualified to receive the Federal Stafford Loans.

There are two different types of these loans, both subsidized and unsubsidized and if a single parent has an adequate need they can apply for both. Subsidized loans have their interest paid while the student is enrolled and unsubsidized do not have the interest paid by the government at all. Both are low-interest loans, which do not require that you enter repayment until six months after you exit the school.

Federal Perkins Loans are low-interest loans that are reserved for those students with the greatest financial need, which often includes single parents. These loans do not start repayment until nine months after a student leaves school or graduates, but they are reported to the credit bureau, so if you fail to make payments on time it could negatively affect your credit.

Some banks will offer private loans for schooling based on a single parent’s credit rating and income level. While these are harder to obtain, they are available for those who need additional funds to be able to return to school.

Financial aid for single parents is available to help them return to school and realize their dreams of earning a degree that will give their family a better way of life. The examples above are some of the most popular forms of financial aid which are available to help you realize your goals.

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Food And Development On A Cellular Level

Years before you and your spouse decided to have children or explore my parenting guide, the way you have taken care of your body will affect the DNA and cellular levels of the egg and sperm when the time comes for you to decide to have children.

There are too many things to remember to not eat but several things to remember are:

  • Sugar is bad – eat only a limited amount of anything with sugar in it.
  • Substitute sugar is worse than real sugar-no packages that are pink, blue, or yellow
  • White flour is very bad – remember no pasta or white bread. There is pasta that is made from spinach, there are sprouted grain loaves of bread
  • No fast food from any multi-national chain– work hard on not stopping and eating on the go at any of these place-there are “trailers” here in Austin that have wonderful whole foods “to go”
  • Research GMO foods-there is no corn grown in America that has not been GMO in it. Very bad for your physical well-being. Buy non-GMO foods

All the above items build up in one’s physical body over time and it is better not to start to indulge in “garbage junk food” than to have to get sick from it over the years.

Immune systems are lowered and oxidative stress creates all the sickness in one’s body.

Fluoride in the drinking water is horrible for the: brain and bones. If possible make sure that your water is not-city fluoridated. Use non-Fluoride toothpaste. Get a water filter for your home. Fluoride in water is worse for male development than females.

Growing some of your food and using non-hybrid seeds or from a local nursery is the best or buying from all the great farmer’s markets that are in most towns anymore. Grocery shop at a local grocery store-Austin has Wheatsville that only buys local area products and no GMO in their food.

Physical well-being is not just exercising – which should be for 4-5 times a week and then for 1 hour at that time.

The daily stresses we have in our everyday life also affects our DNA and cells – so be sure and do meditation and affirmations daily to help the stress level. There is good stress and bad stress is what we are trying to eliminate as much as possible. Keep in mind that good common sense parenting is demonstrating the right food choices early in our children’s development.

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Government Aids For Single Parents In The US

When it comes to raising a child or children on your own, the stress and financial burden are much greater. Millions of parents are struggling each year to find a way to make ends meet without help from their children’s other parents. Government aids for single parents in the US are available, however, and although programs and qualifications can vary from area to area, some programs are offered nationwide for all citizens.

Do You Qualify?

In most cases, several different factors will determine whether you qualify for any government or locally-funded assistance programs. These factors generally are centered on your income. Most programs do want you to be employed to some level, but others will accept you even if you do not have a job. Most have an income cut-off level, and will not assist those whose income is above that level.

You must also have your child’s basic information at hand. This includes a copy of the birth certificate, and custody or child support orders, and a social security card. These basic pieces of information along with your social security card and proof of income are needed to apply for most programs that offer government aids for single parents. Additionally, some programs will require that you have filed for child support if applicable before they will extend help to you.

What Types Of Programs Exist?

So, now you know what you have to do to qualify for the most available assistance, but what exactly is available for single parents? Every state in the US has temporary assistance and a food stamp program. These two assistance measures are put into place to serve those who are below the national poverty level and offer a sliding scale of assistance based on your circumstances. Furthermore, in most cities and states there are child care assistance programs that offer funds for daycare services so that single parents can attend work or school.

Free or low-cost insurance is another form of financial assistance for single parents and is federally funded in most states. Housing assistance programs such as subsidy programs and projects are set up throughout the United States to help the needy as well. Although these are not specifically designed for single parents, being one may place you higher on the waiting list due to your increased financial needs.
Where Else Can You Turn for Help?

The programs listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to locating government aids for single parents. In your local area, there may also be a church and a school-related group that can help to provide food, clothing, school supplies, and even Christmas gifts on an as-needed basis. In addition to these local organizations, it may be best to check with your city’s welfare or children and families office for further information on where you can receive financial assistance.

Just because you may find yourself as a single parent does not mean that you have to do everything on your own. Everyone needs some help from time to time and that is why there are a wide variety of programs that offer government aids for single parents to make their quality of life and that of their child better.

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