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Food And Development On A Cellular Level

Years before you and your spouse decided to have children or explore my parenting guide, the way you have taken care of your body will affect the DNA and cellular levels of the egg and sperm when the time comes for you to decide to have children.

There are too many things to remember to not eat but several things to remember are:

  • Sugar is bad – eat only a limited amount of anything with sugar in it.
  • Substitute sugar is worse than real sugar-no packages that are pink, blue, or yellow
  • White flour is very bad – remember no pasta or white bread. There is pasta that is made from spinach, there are sprouted grain loaves of bread
  • No fast food from any multi-national chain– work hard on not stopping and eating on the go at any of these place-there are “trailers” here in Austin that have wonderful whole foods “to go”
  • Research GMO foods-there is no corn grown in America that has not been GMO in it. Very bad for your physical well-being. Buy non-GMO foods

All the above items build up in one’s physical body over time and it is better not to start to indulge in “garbage junk food” than to have to get sick from it over the years.

Immune systems are lowered and oxidative stress creates all the sickness in one’s body.

Fluoride in the drinking water is horrible for the: brain and bones. If possible make sure that your water is not-city fluoridated. Use non-Fluoride toothpaste. Get a water filter for your home. Fluoride in water is worse for male development than females.

Growing some of your food and using non-hybrid seeds or from a local nursery is the best or buying from all the great farmer’s markets that are in most towns anymore. Grocery shop at a local grocery store-Austin has Wheatsville that only buys local area products and no GMO in their food.

Physical well-being is not just exercising – which should be for 4-5 times a week and then for 1 hour at that time.

The daily stresses we have in our everyday life also affects our DNA and cells – so be sure and do meditation and affirmations daily to help the stress level. There is good stress and bad stress is what we are trying to eliminate as much as possible. Keep in mind that good common sense parenting is demonstrating the right food choices early in our children’s development.

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